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There it is!

I am featured on page 5 as one of the contributors to the book, and then you will see my name next to 10 team profiles you will read in the book.

I Did the 2nd most profiles of all contributors, and I got 3 copies today and let me tell you what it is like seeing my name up and down all over the magazine!!

If you see it on the stands or in the bookstore? Open it up and lean over to someone and say “I know that crazy dude! That’s the Rainmaker!”

I profiled teams like Italy (Duh, i have a weekly Italian Football Radio show, they had to give me Italy!)

Netherlands (Which they screwed me a bit because they have them only advancing to the group of 16; I had them going further, they edited that on me)

Did Russia, Belgium, Honduras, France, Costa Rica, Greece, Mexico & Croatia!

Hope you have the chance to purchase it or check it out. FOOTBALL!! (Soccer if you must)

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