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Hey everyone, sorry it has been a while since I have posted on the site, but those of you who stay in touch with me know I have a lot going on.

The World Cup is quickly approaching and it has consumed me for the most part. Not only did I do the magazine that you know of, but now I have been preparing for the action of the World Cup matches.

Of course MLS, NASL and the Serie B Italian playoffs are going on and I have been busy with that, as well as MLB, NHL and Tennis advice that a good handful of you follow.

I have been writing for a few sources as well. Worldinsport.com, Therunnersports.com and I am also going to writing for Soccerwire.com for the World Cup so I am still deciding where to ultimately go crazy posting.

You should all see the forum I have connected to the site at my spesalvi site and I post lines and other things but I don’t put plays there because the people who know where I am tracking plays are getting the advice they need and trust me. AS they should, and they do well because they follow me.

I will send a new post up at the beginning of the World Cup to let everyone know where the best place to get my advice will be.

You can always email me @ ejtherainmaker on my gmail account if you are needing more answers and want to know everything I have going on!

I hope everyone is well and tunes in to our SportsPalooza Radio shows, and I look forward to hearing from some people and helping you all make a buck or two along the way! You know me!! LoL

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