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Where is the Rainmaker in 2016?

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Hello boys and girls, I hope you are all well.

I am well myself, and thanks for thinking of me if you are stopping by wondering what the Rainmaker, more importantly Ej, is up to in 2016?

Well let me help you answer than question, because it is a good question to ask.

I am at a couple of places, but the most important to me at the moment is the Get More Sports website, which I am currently running as the chief editor in charge of content, as well as continuing to write about the beautiful game of football, or soccer if you will, maybe even futbol.

Sports Palooza Radio is going strong, and Lisa and I are entering our third year of interviewing amazing athletes, authors, doctors among so many other attributes our guests have.

The Major League Fantasy Sports Podcasts just ended our second season of Football, and we are starting our third season of MLB come this next spring.

I will be continuing to write and podcast during the year, for both GMS and Palooza, as well as hosting the New York Cosmos Team Podcast as well, coming off their 2015 NASL Championship game.

I hope to hear from you all this year, as well as bring you a multitude of sports knowledge on the handicapping, fantasy, as well as the great interviews I love to be a part of.

2015 was amazing, and I am lucky to be able to have the life I have, so enjoy it with me! Find me! Say hello as often as possible on twitter or email.

May 2016 be the year you want it to be! Make it Rain!!

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