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Tuesday Morning QB (NFL Week 3)

https://www.the-newshub.com/stories/tuesday-morning-quarterback-3 The Week 3 NFL Roundup

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 4 NCAA)

https://www.the-newshub.com/stories/tuesday-morning-quarterback-2 Your weekly recap of week 4 in NCAA Football. I will be separating NCAA from NFL posts due to length.

NCAA Football Playoffs Explained

This 2014-15 football season the NCAA will introduce its first ever playoff. It will consist of four teams who will be decided by the BCS Selection Committee. This committee will create team rankings seven times over the course of the season, starting October 28, 2014. The members of the selection committee are Jeff Long (chair), […]

Tuesday Morning QB


Incredible Sports Month of September

The rest of September for sports fans is arguably the best of any month we have. I know for me it is no different. I host a weekly Radio show concerning Italian Football (Soccer) and there will be 3 episodes of that show which is called ‘Tutto Calcio Italia’. Friday, Tuesday and Friday again. Midweek […]

Tuesday Morning QB

https://www.the-newshub.com/stories/tuesday-morning-quarterback Every Tuesday I will recap and review the past weekend of NCAA and NFL football. Here is the 1st installment of those articles.

Athletes vs Role Models


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Well, we all get to have those moments where supporting a cause takes us to limits we don’t normally take ourselves to. I had the pleasure of doing the Ice Bucket Challenge to support ALS, as is the on going trend as most people know by now. It has taken over Social Media, so why […]

Tutto Calcio Italia Radio Show

Rainmaker Radio Main Page I have already starting shooting episodes for the Coppa Italia and Lega Pro Cup as the Serie A, B and Lega Pro campaigns get set to begin. I have gone 13 – 5 – 1 with the Coppa Italia through the first 2 rounds of matches played and I have recorded […]

Leigh Steinberg On Sports Palooza Rad...

Thursday’s Episode of Sports Palooza Radio Join us on our weekly Radio Show with 4 amazing guests at 1PM Eastern Time, Thursday July 31st. Use the link or your device by calling 646 915 8596 to listen in. “The one and the only super agent Leigh Steinberg is on Sports Palooza Radio this week! He […]